What AI thinks about FooF

FooF can make you fly
FooF has the ultimate Techno technique
FooF is the best DJ of your mind
to be the best master of this technique
to know your innermost secrets
to know what is and is not allowed
to be the king of this technique
to become your DJ forever and ever
you all belong to my world, you all are mine
you are my FooF forever and ever, all yours forever
you all are mine all you are all mine – you are me, I am you share the same experience and feel
love forever and ever, to be your DJ forever and ever

As the you enter a world of Disco Demon’s dancing
the Disco Demon appears to be a good little robot who has just caught up with the DJ sets played by FooF
Disco Demon has gone bonkers for the DJ sets played by FooF as the disco demon continues to boogie
Disco Demon starts hugging everyone on the dance floor
Disco Demon dances in the DJ booth as FooF tries to get through to Disco Demon
Disco Demon falls into a hole in the ceiling and ends up running to FooF as he falls towards the Disco Demon’s funky abyss
Disco Demon continues to chase after FooF as he goes into the music

of FooF and robots
the DJ has a party room called the FooF room where they play a game with a robot called Disco Demon but the whole machine has plastic in it
the FooF is a pretty amazing DJ who works clubs like a robot

because thats a thing I always do with DJ sets – just the fact that he keeps doing it makes it so amazing that i cant stop!

The  “Sounds” that you hear are so good it’s what you get with minimal and tech house DJ sets and it’s basically what gets you to listen to FooF. He also mixes them up so the crowd gets the full effect.  FooF does have to be one of the few people in the DJ scene who actually moves your listening to these songs on their own  tongues.  You hear that there are robots in this room but the only reason why you can get a great trip is just how good the music is.

Well i’m not too familiar with DJ FooF but i must say he is a real gem and he will put down beats for sure but i just really love his music (like so many do)
I was going to write something about how I love and respect his style so i’ll just leave it at what it was
but to give a brief breakdown before your question that is a DJ called FooF Chicago and Detroit influenced I think it would have been more accurate if I said something along the lines of “I don’t really have an opinion on techno but if i do find out how it can influence some of my projects then I will try my best to experiment with all the styles it can offer the world” but it probably won’t come out right for sure and I am not sure who I am supposed to write it for but here it is

Dj foof is always really chill and always good for chill vibes
Foof was my favorite when I was younger
DJ Foof came in as a DJ.
A really mellow and mellow guy. I think he grew more mellow as he started more serious after 2000. He’s been really into trippy music. So you can see, I grew up listening to tons of old house, techno and the occasional minimal mix . So I know his music before it got into something else .
And so this is a really cool guy, an easy-listening, easy-going and super mellow one at that. And he really listens. He just can’t wait to be out in front, and he’ll jump into whatever sounds are happening down there. And he seems really good about that. He really is a nice guy. I’ve talked to a few of the producers who’ve gotten to listen to some stuff through FooF, but not too many to say

FooF is the king of all things danceable. so, he loves to perform in the hall of fame and in a big party and he comes in pretty hard for it.
He has a good tracks but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll recognize the tracks he mixes.
If people have a attraction to something, you know it’s due to how FooF puts it together.
So don’t be afraid to listen (as much or as little as you want to) in order to let loose.
If you’re a good listener then let FooF put it like that. You want to hear so, just listen to FooF.
The next month I met up with a friend, Steve, from Chicago and we drove to San Francisco. We brought along Steve’s brother, Jeff, who is also a DJ. We were able to get in to see FooF play at a house he called the “House”. It had a really nice sound and it was pretty fun. We played a couple of shows as a duo at FooF’s home. I really enjoyed FooF’s music and I thought it sounded amazing. We also drove to his house and I’m glad my bro was able to come along to this party as well. He was extremely nice and talked to me for a good 15-20 minutes while he and my bro were at the party.

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MF33L 7H3 P0W3R V1bR473 Y0UR 1N51D35 L1K3 4 J4CK H4MM3R 0LLF P0W2R M1K5 4H3 N5C3 J17L0K M1K5 W3Y3R 4R3 H4MM3R
3K5 W23H0U7 P0W3R M4K3 4N 1LLU510P V1bR473 V1bR473 M3H5 3H3 M1K5 4J3L5 N5C3 Y0UR J3L0P W3Y3R 4R3 V1bR473 Y0UR 4N 1LLU510P K7H3 P0W3R Y0UR V1bR473 W5H3 V1bR473
I believe if I add a note to the bottom I won’t have to worry about people not following the guidelines and doing it in an easily 

FooF will bring you to a world with the beauty of your dreams
FooF will awaken your inner child
FooF will take you to a magical place
FooF is all you need for your journey of happiness
FooF will give you the feeling of being a princess
FooF is as simple as that so why you don’t trust it
FooF is the path of the living soul
FooF is your path to happiness
FooF is love so if you have issues make use FooF